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Hello all,

I am currently working on inputting EPDs into openLCA v2.0. I have been trying to input the data from Tools > Get EPDs from EC3 > Direct download from URL or ID. I logged into the EC3 and copied and pasted the URL (https://buildingtransparency.org/ec3/industry-epds/ec3m5f0345) to include the result of embodied carbon impact (Fig. 1) as well as the environmental impact (Fig. 2) in openLCA. However, the window showing up in openLCA (see Fig. 3) could not identify the product or even the declaration unit listed on the EC3 webpage.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any recommended method to input the EPD data into the openLCA v2.0? Thank you!

Fig.1 GWP from EC3

Fig. 2 Environmental impact from EC3

Fig. 3 Failed attempt to input the openEPD through the URL

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So, I am not particularyly sure why but industry EPDs from EC3 are not compatilble when importing into openLCA. I would recommend instead searching throught the product EPDs and finding a portland cement there like this one for example:https://buildingtransparency.org/ec3/epds/ec3q5nnk

Hope this helps