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since I'm using the newer versions of openlca (2.0 onwards), I can't compute my product systems anymore, and the displayed error occurs.  I've upgraded the software till 2.0.3 and I'm using it with ecoinvent 3.9.1 as database. Very small product systems can be calculated. I'm running the software on an high performance computer, but it doesn't work even with the displayed settings. I was deleting the older versions of the software (openLCA) before installing the newer ones.

What do you recommend me to do? 

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Out of Memory Message

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For versions < 2.0.3, you should download the fast libraries; if you have not, this is shown with an error message in the log file and in the welcome screen, you see a message such as "you can make openLCA faster". The 2.0.3 version uses by default the Intel Math Kernel libraries which are really fast and efficient, we applied a tweak that improves them also for non-Intel CPUs. These are already included in openLCA, so no need to download separately.

We recommend using the 2.0.3 MKL version.

Then, check if have indeed allocated memory (when you reopen openLCA, this is shown, and also shown in the openLCA.ini file). Then, check your systems (we had users making a combination of PSILCA and exiobase and ecoinvent, wondering why the system demands so much memory).

Then, check how much memory is needed / used during the calculation and modeling, via the task manager or similar. You can post results here if you want (edit your post).

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