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Our students conducted an LCA with version 2.0.0 and exported it for submission. For assessment, we used version 1.11. We realised that in version 1.11, all the flows from the 'Inputs' table of the processes were moved to the 'Outputs' table. Then, when trying in version 2.0.0 it was displayed correctly, meaning the flows stayed in the respective 'Inputs' and 'Outputs' tables. So the question is whether there can be issues when switching from one version to another. Thank you already in advance. Any help is highly appreciated :).
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Hello, indeed, it is not recommended to downgrade once upgraded elements from openLCA, as we do not test this. Typically, there is not really a reason to go back in a version, so therefore this is hopefully justified. Also, users are now asked whether a backup of a database should be done before a database update is performed.
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Thank you for this!