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I know this is a very 'basic' question but I am struggling with the information out there on how to search for products that have already been LCA database input. e.g. an anglepoise lamp. I am looking to see how changing the materials of components affects the LCA but inputting an entire lamp into my own database would take me weeks. Please help
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You can use the product search in Nexus (https://nexus.openlca.org/search). If you take a unit process database, then you can indeed modify the inputs into e.g. a lamp production process, to see an effect of changing materials. However, "lamps" are not well covered in any database, but there are case studies. You could also simply buy a lamp and dismantle it and weigh the materials.

Hth, Andreas
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HI Andreas,

Thank you for your feedback. I will have a longer look through the search you have suggested. I was just hoping to speed up the process of inputting the data as there are so many components, made all over the world and having looked at the water bottle case study and how complex that database is I was hoping to speed up the process.

Many thanks, -- Fabia
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Hi Andreas,

Is there any way you can link the lamp case studies you have found as I haven't come across any yet.
I was also wondering if you can drop a finalised CAD (with all the materials applied) into the database? If so, do you know of a video/run-through of how to do that?

Many thanks,
-- Fabia