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Hello, Overnight a widows update cause terminal damage to my computer and a new version of windows needed to be installed. This moves all the programs and files on my computer to a different folder and now the database (Ecoinvent 2.2) that was currently installed in OpenLCA is missing. I have all the files so I just need to locate where it might be hiding and move it back to its appropriate placement. Any ideas where I might find it? I was successful in recovering everything else so I am hopeful that if I look in the right place it is possible to restore it.

I have lots of information which is why I wanted to know if there are other more complicated ways to get the information in which I could hire a developer or someone who would have a deeper understanding of python or programming. Also, all my files are not where they should be I believe. For instance, _olca_ is in a folder with client reports. I don't believe it is as easy as search the databases folder or I would not be looking for help. I read the guide and found that on my own.
Thank you for any help that you can give.
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The default location for databases in openLCA under windows is:


The words in curvy brackets vary on your computer. openLCA saves all database information (including your projects) in this folder. If the folder has been recovered from your computer just copy and paste it in the same location on your new machine (make sure you backup the folder and close openLCA) and upon a restart of openLCA you should be able to find your old files.

GreenDelta also offers various support packages which may help you e.g. developer support http://www.openlca.org/service-contracts/

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... you adjusted your comment, not your question ;-) Anyway, possibly one of our service contracts may allow one of our developers to take a 'deeper' look:http://www.openlca.org/service-contracts/; I also asked one to take a look at this question ... let's see