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Many of the diff I have to merge before fetching do not show any differences. Why ?

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To identify changed data sets efficiently, only some meta fields are checked (version, last change, id). I assume you imported the database, so you have different timestamps on the data sets.

It is recommended to start with a fresh database before the first fetch:
1) User 1 commits his database
2) User 2 starts with an empty database and fetches the commit from User 1
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I understand, however, it is interesting to have several repositories with the same local database, because you do not share the same processes with the same teams.
Even with a few committed processes, there is a lot to merge, manually and one by one, so it takes quite a long time.
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I was talking about starting with a fresh 'Database' in openLCA, not a fresh repository. The issue should only occur if you have imported the data outside of the collaboration server (e.g. Ecospold, ILCD, JSON-LD import) and then fetch the same data from a repository.

What you describe is somehow different. You commit the same data to different repositories. In that case the timestamps of the original dataset should be the same, since they come from the same source/ openLCA database