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I have a workflow where a shared repository exists on our collaboration server. Consider that this could be a shared library that contains "master" versions of processes.

What is the best way to utilize these processes in another database, so that if data in "master" version gets updated, that update can also be propagated into other repositories?

I cannot import via repository import, as openLCA will not import changes to an existing process since it already exists. Is there anyway to make this update without deleting all of the processes I want to update, and any product systems that use them, and re-importing?
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Hi, what you want to do is use "fetch" to perform a merge.  It will update your local database with the current state of the repository, while maintaining all of your local models.  As you mention, import or checking out may overwrite your local database.
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The "first fetch and then commit" is correct, since we are using a linear workflow model. Using the Diff tool, you can select and decide what is overwritten, this does not work for you?