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I'm trying to import the free database ecoinvent3.8 and on the site where I can download it, it says that the file is JSON-LD (I cannot choose ZOLCA) but when I download it and open the ZIP-file all the files are JSON (without the LD) so I can't import it. How can I solve this problem?
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Maybe you are referring to the ecoinvent LCIA methods, which we distribute as JSON-LD in Nexus, for free. These are not the ecoinvent database, and "the free database ecoinvent" does not exist (or, is not distributed by us). Where do you download it from ("on the site where I can download it")? Thank you!
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I downloaded it here: https://nexus.openlca.org/downloads as you can see it says that the 3.8 version is JSON-LD, but when I actually download it its a ZIP file filled with just JSON and I don't understand why.