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When running a project report the process contribution bar charts comes up empty (grey without the options) not representing the contributions of the selected processes in the project setup to the variant results of the selected LCIA category. How do you trouble shoot that ? 

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Unfortunatley, in the openLCA 2.1.0 version process contributions completely dissapeared. In the openLCA 2.0.x versions the contribution in projects were available but very unhandy because it was necessary to choose the correct processes from all processes in the database. Will there be any updates on that?
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I have seen it is possible to define which process we want to appear (in the report setup at the top of the tab, there is "Selected processes (for contribution analysis)", but, in fact, it changes nothing to the type of results.

Although I do like the new radar charts, the impossibility to have a process contribution analysis bar chart is a real big loss of functionality. It's a big work to obtain it by exporting to excel. Is there anything I miss ?