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I used to work in OpenLCA version 1.4.2 or 1.5 (I think) with ecoinvent database 3.3,  then my computer sttarted acting strange, so I exported my database with all my work to save it somewhere safe. Now I have a new computer and downloaded OpenLCA 1.7 and tried to import my database, but it do not work. I receive the following error message:

And follows with many more error messages, e.g:

649920JavaFX Application ThreadERRORorg.openlca.app.editors.processes.ProcessEditorfailed to load Process from editor input
6701268JavaFX Application ThreadERRORorg.openlca.app.navigation.ModelTypeElementFailed to add model elements: DQ_SYSTEM
6701265JavaFX Application ThreadERRORorg.openlca.core.database.DQSystemDaofailed to execute query: select id, ref_id, name, description, version, last_change, f_category from tbl_dq_systems where f_category is null
087346JavaFX Application ThreadERRORorg.openlca.core.database.ProcessDaoError while loading Process with id 26246827
7087351JavaFX Application ThreadERRORorg.openlca.app.editors.processes.ProcessEditor

and thereafter continues with 20 additional error messages. 

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

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I exported it into zolca.

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It seems that something went wrong with the database update. With the restore function (Navigation > right click > restore database) you can import the zolca file. When you open the database the update manager should open and you should be able to update the database.

If the update manager does not open and you still get this error, you can try to force openLCA to re-execute the updates. Therefore, close the database and delete the `_olca_/updates` folder in your database (the database location is `<your user folder>/openLCA-data-1.4/databases/<the database name>`); then, re-open the database. If the update manager does not open you can open it via the main menu `Database > Update manager` and then execute the updates. Before doing this, you should always create a backup of your database (Navigation > Right click > Backup database).