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Hello, I'm new to OpenLCA, and I have the following task to do.

I have a some processes and each time there will be a request to do some calculations based on a certain config.

The was I'm trying to solve this, is by creating a new product system each time and running the calculations based on that product system, but I don't know how to create a product system with the exact processes that I want (selecting every process rather than just the output), the code that I have right now 

process_ref = client.find(o.Process, "bottle production")

config = o.LinkingConfig(




# Here we save the process into the databasae 

system_ref = client.create_product_system(process_ref, config)

print(f"created product system {system_ref.name}, id={system_ref.id}")

Or maybe I should do this config when I do the calculations? 

Thanks for the help.

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