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I'm a bit confused about purchasing the ecoinvent database. Is it recommended to buy ecoinvent database through OpenLCA Nexus or directly from ecoinvent website? I have noticed that there is a differnence in price for the yearly maintenance fee. And if I buy ecoinvent database from the official website, can i upload the database to OpenLCA easily?

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Hi, for use with openLCA, it is recommended to purchase from Nexus as the ecoinvent files from ecoinvent do not work in openLCA and Nexus will give you access to the ecoinvent site as well, so that you get access to the ecoinvent original files. If you have purchased from ecoinvent, we will charge a registration fee to get the ecoinvent version for openLCA, from Nexus. And we sell the license in Nexus for the same price as ecoinvent on the ecoinvent site (also for the maintenance, btw.?), thus it is overall cheaper to buy from Nexus if you want to use ecoinvent in openLCA.

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