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Hi there!

Does anybody know of a good source for some kind of generic transport/distribution information for consumer goods (maybe by category)?

I was trying to figure out some good averages for the distribution of a product (category: dinnerware), and thought there might be some fairly good sources for this, especially when I think about all the assumed transport distances used for market activities - I know some are calculated with data retrieved specifically for the product, but still, for some they might have used generic data..(?) 

In my situation, i have so far modeled the most often used distribution route of the product (most sold in that country), but in my sensitivity analysis I would like to expand this to a more generic situation. 

In the ecoinvent dataset, 'market for television - GLO - television', they use values "from the ecoinvent GLO transport model, excel accessible on the ecoinvent website 'Default Transport Assumptions'." This i was unable to find, but perhaps someone know of this?

Thank you very much in advance for any help or guidance!:)

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Hi, after searching everywhere for report section mentioned in doc, I found this page https://ecoquery.ecoinvent.org/3.10/cutoff/reports by adding "reports" in website address, but, incredibly, when I click to download nothing happens. It seem that this report are censored ... 

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Thank you for helping me locate it! Clever idea with the website address:) And yes, that is very weird that it won't work - i merely get a brief "Preparing report download, please wait...". Might try and contact Ecoinvent directly...