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Is there a way to copy a formatted list of parameter quantities to a parameter set in a product system? For example, in LCA for Experts, you can copy a list of quantities from Excel and paste the values into the parameter window without having to paste each individual value.

I am aware there is a way to link openLCA to an external file using Python, but I'd like to avoid coding if possible.
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Hi taramsimps,

There is indeed a way to copy a set of parameters into a product system.

In the product system editor, select the Parameters tab. There, you can paste parameters with the following format:

Context (global or name of the process) | Parameter (parameter name) | Amount | Uncertainty (none is not known) | Description (optional)

For example: 

Boiling, industrial, 1kg of boiled product, for cooking - FR    Ratio_gas    0.6    none    ADEME and AFNOR, 2012

You can also copy parameters from openLCA into an Excel file with Right Click → Copy selection.