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I started working in openLCA and created a long list of parameters. I am not sure whether I would need all of them in globally, so, created most of them as global parameters. Defining all parameters as global made no difference in permitting calculations or scenario analysis (parametric combination). I think I have to be careful in entering values, but otherwise, it did not hinder any performance.

A product system allows setting unique values of all global and process parameters before calculating results. Similarly, the project level assessment allows to set different values of the same global parameters for different product-system variations. So, I sensed no need to keep them separate although now there is a long list of available parameters.

So, my question is: what are the 'technical' benefits (other than may be being more organized) of keeping global and process parameters separate? Is it bad if one created only global parameters? Will ait affect operational performance of openLCA? Do I need to shift some of my global parameters to the process level and why?
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