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I am trying to create a product system of two production processes. Both processes for the incoming products successfully link to their given Ecoinvent database processes. However when I try and put them together into the process above the final Product system has no linking, and hence gives all answers as 0. I am unsure why. The processes I have created are not being linked when creating a Product system, but Ecoinvent processes are.

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You have to make sure that the input flows to the parent process use the exact same flows as the child "production processes." Assuming they match, you should either be able to link them manually (there are a couple of ways of doing this - one is just left-clicking on the child process and dragging the line to the parent). If you can't link them, then there is likely something weird going on with the flows. You could have 2 flows with the exact same name but different UUIDs, and openLCA won't let you connect them.