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Hello, I have a question regarding modifying and adapting processes to different needs and conditions. 

For example, regarding the process of ‘machine operation, diesel, < 18.64 kW, generators’, I’m working with a gasoline generator, so I would like to adapt the process to this condition instead. I saw in the exchange section of the EcoQuery.Ecoinvent website that this process is constituted by several processes, including "Market group for Diesel". To modify the generator processes that I need, should I go to the Inputs/Outputs section of this process in OpenLCA and manually remove the quantities related to the process of "Market Group for Diesel" and add the quantities of a gasoline process? 

Kind regards, 

Tiago Mestrinho

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Hello Tiago,

That is absolutely a way to do it. It is however important to remember, that diesel and gasoline have different chemical make-ups and different calorific values.

I am not an expert on gasoline/diesel, so i dont know whether the emissions to air will differ a lot, but you should consider if the process needs to be super precise, then maybe you want to find secondary data to back up the modelling.

There is not an easy "switch" to change from gasoline to diesel unfortunately.

Another way might be to use a process that uses gasoline, like a car engine, as a proxy instead.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you for the help and for taking the time to answer.

I’ll have to model several waste treatment methods in my study and I’ll need to adapt several processes to my needs. This method works and its recommended or do you recommend other easier method? Because i have to manually change each element of the inputs/outputs section of each process and its a bit time consuming.

Also, is it possible to change the waste composition of each process?

Thank you again for the help,
Tiago Mestrinho
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Hello Tiago,

Unfortunately i cannot give a clear answer to that. You will have to weigh the need for precision in these processes, up against the ressources in the project.
1) If you can afford to spend a lot of time to get a very precise answer, then this is the most correct way.
2) If you are pressed on time/ressources, use a proxy or make a transparent assumption that diesel is similar.

Regarding the waste composition, changing the waste composition is unfortunately not possible.
The elementary flows from treating a certain type of waste is already included in the processes, and will not update if you alter the input in the process.
I recommend finding the nearest possible proxy process, or if it is very important, to model it yourself.

Good luck