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From Treeze I got the new updated UVEK Data (DQRv2-2022) as shown here:

  • DQR_UVEK_KBOB_Liste_temp.zolca
  • earthProbe_PV-Mixes_corrections_202309.zip
  • reinforcingSteel_corrections_202304.zip
  • UVEK LCI Data DQRv2-2022.CSV
  • UVEK LCI Data DQRv2-2022.SPMapping
  • UVEK LCI Data DQRv2-2022.TXT
  • UVEK LCI Data DQRv2-2022.XML
  • UVEK_Oekobilanzdaten_DQRv2_2022.zip 

The ziped files containing mainly .nx1 data. I tried several importing options in OpenLCA but either the importing was not suggessful or the calculation of an impact categroy did not show any result (for example in the case of importing the csv or zolca file listed obove and calculating IPCC 2021).

Thanks for your support.

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Yes, this is a valid question, we had a project even by bafu where we prepared a version specifically for openLCA, and a version for SimaPro as well, but from what I understand some ecoinvent datasets that are used are considered as precious and thus ecoinvent and uvek / bafu are still in discussion how to do it. I hope this solves soon. Why it is permitted to distribute the SimaPro files but we can not distribute files for openLCA (ensuring that users have an ecoinvent license) is beyond my understanding.

edit: the zolca file is for openLCA I see now..