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My version is 1.9.0. One year ago ago I've saved my database as .zip now I'm tryng to open it but it's not possible. I go to File>Import then in the window Other>Linked Data (JSON-LD) then I browse my folder and I see the .zip but when I try to open it an error is showed. 

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JSON import failed

The same if I go to File Import>ILCD. Can you help to solve it? Thanks a lot.

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- why did you save your entire database as zip? As ILCD or JSON-LD? Or you zipped the database folder?

- why don't you use a newer version of openLCA? It is as if using an older Chrome browser version for some reason?

- if you do not remember the file format inside the zip any more, you can extract it, JSON and ILCD have a characteristic folder structure inside.

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Hi Andreas,
Do you mean I need to somehow install JSON-LD on my PC before starting the wizard procedure and import the zipped database (having a .json structure) through the JSON-LD option under import?
If I just need to go to the wizard procedure and import the zipped database through the JSON-LC option, this was already done.
Kindly advise how to proceed.
Thanks and regards,