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Can I import/access data that is registered in LCDN registry through the "ILCD network import" function?

If so, which URL, user and password should be used to access the registry?

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Hi Pieter,

1) Create an empty database

2) Select ILCD network import

3) Specify the connection (http://eplca.jrc.ec.europa.eu/LCDN/contactList.xhtml?stock=default the address has to end with /resource e.g. http://weee-lci.recylum.com/ICV/resource)

4) Click search, select datasets and finish

I hope this helps



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Hi Pieter, as far as I know, the LCDN consists of individual nodes which can only be accessed individually. I do not think it is possible to retrieve all data from all nodes at the same time. I might be mistaken though.