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I am trying to import the latest openLCA methods pack (v.2.0.3), which is not a zolca file but a JSON-LD file (.zip). When I use the import tool inside the open database in openLCA, I select the "Linked Data (JSON-LD)" option. Then in the directory selection screen, the .zip file is greyed out, and I cannot select it to import. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

(using openLCA v. 1.7.4 on a Mac)
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Hi Nicole, I will forward this information to out developers. I do not know why the *.zip file is greyed out. In the meantime however, as a workaround, the openLCA LCIA method package 2.0.3 is also available as a *. zolca file on nexus.openLCA.org. You can import it into your existing database via import entire database. I hope this helps! Please let us know.

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Yes, I was able to import the .zolca file successfully. Thanks, Jonas!
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Jonas, if I import this methods pack, I should still be able to import an older methods version as well, correct? I just tried to import the openLCA LCIA methods 1.5.7updatedCED from nexus into the ELCD (v3.2 greendelta v.2.17) database, and it failed.  This was after successfully importing methods v.2.0.3. Thanks for your help!
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Hi Nicole, what exactly do you mean with "it failed"? Did you receive an error (and error log)? ... or is the file just greyed-out? A *. zolca file?
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Hi Jonas, when I go to import that particular LCIA methods pack (1.5.7updatedCED), it “thinks” for a minute, and then the process just stops without any announced error message. There's no option to attach the log file in this comment box, but I can send it via email. In the log, there is a line that says "WARN" and the message is "no connection pool set up for jdbc:derby:/var/folders/t7/c94c0vkx1_9298jcvymz9q_n8xj4jh/T/08be5273-c3f5-45d9-bb83-d9fcea31d348"

I was able to access an older version of that methods pack (1.5.7) from a colleague and had no issue importing it...
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Hi Nicole, that is indeed strange. I was able to do both ... restore the 'openlca_lcia_methods_1_5_7_updatedCED.zolca' file as well as to import it into an existing database. If you want, you can send me your log file and I will see what I can do.