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I already succeed to import methods database. But now I can`t import inventory database like "elcd_3_2_greendelta_v2_16.zolca". I follow this procedure : file > import > select "import entire database" > from exported zolca files > select the file on my computer > Finish.
A message is displayed : "An error occured - database import failed"
When I open the error details : this what I see :
Thank you for your help :)
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Hi Maxime,
welcome - if you want to just use the database, it is much faster to just select "restore database" than to import the entire database. Emporting the entire database works too but requires the same version of openLCA, and you must keep the zolca file intact and not unzip or otherwise modify it.
I hope this is of help?
Best wishes,
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Hello Andreas,

I can't import any database on my mac, even with the "restore database option". I receive an error message: "an internal error occured, failed to run import database".  What should I do?

Thanks a lot in advance!