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Hi there,

I am conducting my first ever LCA for a university project so I am completely new to this software.
I have been putting in some arbitrary values to see how it affects the impact assessment inputs and outputs.
The photo shows how apparently there is a lot of radioactive inputs for transporting through Europe in a small lorry. This can`t be correct?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hi ravim,
indeed this looks strange but this is from the ELCD database directly. The amounts itself are rather small (1e-6) though. From what we understand, the flows are not meant to be connected to other processes and for building supply chains. For earlier (pre 1.7) versions of openLCA, we added the dummy processes to link to these to these flows; in 1.7 there is the possibility to decide if you want to link to providers or not.
Hi Ravim,
Andreas is correct and this is a great feature of openLCA. But if you follow that path, take time to make sure that the LCIA methods you apply capture flow names and classificaitons from all the databses you use to build the LCI.
Good luck