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Owning a license for Ecoinvent, I have bought the license for Ecoinvent database on Nexus as "license owner", now the maintenance of the original license is expired and then also the Nexus' one. In case of renew the maintenance of the original license, the license bought on Nexus will automatically mirrored?

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If your maintenance expired you should still have access to the old ecoinvent database but you will not receive any updates. To receive updates you must order new maintenance. Maintenance is always continuous. You cannot pause maintenance. e.g. if your last maintenance expired 13 months ago you must order 2x12 months maintenance to receive current updates. I hope this helps.

Update: If you extend your original ecoinvent license at e.g. Pre or ecoinvent then you have to get a license owner license from nexus on top to use it in openLCA. Buy maintenance in nexus and checkmark "I already purchased maintenance from another vendor"

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Yes, it's helpful, but i have another question.
In case 3 years maintenance was bought from Pre, from Nexus I have to pay a 3 years extension for "license owner", at the end 450€? Or the Nexus maintenance reflect the Pre's one, so 3 years maintenance for 150€?