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I’m a holder of the educational license for ecoinvent database. Would like to know how can I purchase the database for license owners as I do not have a “remaining maintenance” as shown in the picture, which is required during the purchase process.

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You can purchase databases for openLCA on https://nexus.openlca.org/databases.
Please choose the required database and select licence owner. You then have to enter your maintenance end date. Usually, the maintenance end date is visible on the screenshot because you own a free version and use ecoinvent 3.4. I would suggest to enter 01.10.2017, the release date of ecoinvent 3.4.
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In case of a free version (Non-OECD countries, academic) you will need to obtain a new license in openLCA Nexus. License owner is only for licenses with payment.

 You will need to verify again, that you are eligible to use of the free license.