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Is there a possibility to export processes I created and to import into another database while maintaining the default providers? With all formats I have been trying, the providers get lost (also JSOB-ID Format). This is extremely annoying when exchanging data, especially if they are a liitle bit more complex and you need to go through all flows one by one and adjust the default provider again..

Many thanks!

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Great. thanks for the help. this  really helped me a lot

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You mean the JSON-LD format - this was an issue in earlier versions (where the format was not fully suported yet), it is not the case in 1.7.4, with JSON-LD, where default providers are included.

Other formats do not support the provider concept, e.g. ILCD, or EcoSpold 1 -> please use JSON-LD, in openLCA 1.7.4.
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The exports were made with 1.7.0.
We updated also the "old" machine to V1.7.4., now it works, true.
Many thanks!
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Great! Btw. we will release openLCA 1.8 in a couple of days ;-)
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