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Hi all,

I do not fully understand the system (S) or unit (U) options under the Provider tab in Processes. If anyone has advice or a simple explanation I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you!
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A system process is fully aggregated, a unit process is not, but can deliver the same product if the system process is the aggregated version of a specific unit process. I hope it`s clear now?
Thank you!
Maybe we can illustrate that on an example.

In the ProBas_Plus database there is a unit and a System process for the production of Aluminium.
The unit process contains only the process of the production of Aluminium itself.
But the System process includes next to the production of Aluminium also the Bauxit mining?

Am i right?

Thank you in advance
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yes (assuming that in the modeling of the aluminium supply chain bauxit mining was considered).
In the input of the system process they use mined ores. So if i want to be on the safe side, i should ask the drafter of the database which steps they included in the process?
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