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We are three students from Norway, just started working with LCA. Right now we are wondering about how we should model the transport.

If we have a freight with ship from China to Rotterdam, and from Rotterdam to f.eks. Norway. Should we use the RoW from China to Rotterdam, and the ReR from Rotterdam to Norway? Or can we use RoW the whole transport route?
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Hi Annalin,

LCA is often done in loops i.e. refining your data sources and assumptions according to the results of the previous loop.

Thus I would start with the simpler way of choosing the RoW process for all the way from CN to NO. Then check whether transport has a high contribution to the results and if yes, I would add more detail based on further investigation into transport.

By the way, I don't think selecting either process over the other makes a big difference between the results except your project is specificly about comparing sea freight transport options.


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Hi Annalin,

taking RoW from China to Rotterdam and RER from Rotterdam to Norway would be "most correct" if you have no other choices.

I am a bit contradicting Artur's answer I see..

Best wishes,

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Hi Andreas,

What does RoW and RER mean? I too am wanting to know about modelling the transport.