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I'm a new user of openLCA and I'm doing a thesis for university in which I need to analyce the environmental impact of various energy technologies from cradle to grave. I'm using the database : ecoinvent35_apos_lci_20181210. For example for wind power the information I want to use is divided in 3 different process datasets: one for the power plant (electricity production, wind, 1-3MW turbine, onshore | electricity, high voltage | APOS, S), an other for the wind turbine construction (wind turbine construction, 2MW, onshore | wind turbine, 2MW, onshore | APOS, S) and a last one for the network connection (wind turbine network connection construction, 2MW, onshore | wind turbine network connection, 2MW, onshore | APOS, S). Similar scenarios apear for other power production technologies.  As far as I know, if I want to analice the whole process of electricity production it is needed to create a model that combines the three processes and after analice it within the chosen Impact Assesment method. I couldn't find any reference in openLCA manuals about how this process of modelling should be done. I would appreciate any guidence.


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Hi Alejandra,

welcome - this (combining several processes) is a common question and task in LCA modeling; the openLCA user manual should help you, just newly released for version 1.9: http://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/openLCA-1-9_User-Manual.pdf.

Best wishes,