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Hi OpenLCA,

I am a new OpenLCA user and recently uploaded Ecoinvent version 3.3 cut-off_lci_up_lcia.

Latest version of Ecoinvent is supposed to have World Food LCA Database incorporated into Ecoinvent v3.3. However, in OpenLCA Ecoinvnent v3.3, I cannot find some of the food products that I am looking for, for example, eggs do not exist in Ecoinvent v3.3, but it exists in the World Food LCA Database information excell document (available on Ecoinvent website). So, is there any other step for me to import World Food LCA Database which is supposed to be incorporated into Ecoinvent v3.3?

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Hi Basak,
as a quick reply, ecoinvent does not contain the entire WFDB but only (if I understand correctly) older datasets because of license restrictions of WFDB.
The openLCA Nexus ecoinvent database contains of course the entire ecoinvent database.
Thank you very much for your quick reply!