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Hi, thanks for release of (olca version of) Ecoinvent 3.6. Along with 1.10.2, lots of nice things there!

I notice that many if not all of the processes that are new for Ecoinvent 3.6 (i.e. all the ones I've looked at, e.g. those in I:55\551\5510 (short term accommodation)) use the same UUID for LCI (system) processes and the equivalent unit processes. This means that the databases can't be combined without losing some of them.

Sorry to repeat this but I still don't understand why it is done this way? The processes are new so it can't be back-compatibility can it? It seems like more work for greendelta and I can't see any advantage to it - is it deliberate?

I really do appreciate all of the incredible and hard work that goes into getting this database ready :) Please, please, though, could you consider keeping the UUIDs unique for any future additions?

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Ah, I think you possibly mean exporting and importing individual system processes as they're needed. Fair enough - I can see that that would work and might not actually end up much more work as practically, we'd be replacing unit processes with system processes as providers anyway.

...in fact, if ALL of the unit and equivalent system processes had identical UUID, then that would also be cool as then we could use the unit processes database to create foreground model, export those processes, import into system processes database and then create product system and we'd still have unit processes for foreground and system processes linked to that. That would be great but I guess it would break provider links in previous models.

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Dear Sam, we reacted to your concerns and included the change of the UUIDs for all LCI databases in ecoinvent 3.6 in an update. Please find more information here: https://www.openlca.org/update-of-ecoinvent-3-6-databases-in-nexus/
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Hi Pia, thanks so much!
This is so helpful and really appreciated.
I did not realise this would be possible for 3.6 but was hopeful for 3.7. This is really nice.
Best regards, Sam
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Fantastic, thanks GreenDelta!