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Let’s say I create a process with 10L of tap water as an input, and 5L of it goes to waste water as an output. When I select the same region for both flows, will OpenLCA calculate 

(10-5) x (stress index of the selected region) ? 

Is there anyway to check on the results that this calculation in a  more transparent way? Thank you very much

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as in any impact assessment method, the elementary flows in your product system are multiplied by the characterization factors (CFs) given in the selected impact assessment method. As for AWARE, elementary water flows are multiplied by regionalized CFs (i.e. CFs depending on the location, meaning on the water availability per watershed after the water demand by humans and water ecosystems in that area has been met). If you want to understand how the calculation si performed, I would recommend checking:

- Impact assessment methods-> AWARE: please check the tabs "Impact factors", "Parameters", "Shape files".

- After calculating results-> please check the tab "impact result", see screenshot below.