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We`re trying to install OpenLCA on Windows 10 machines with Applocker installed, which requires programs to be whitelisted before they can run. OpenLCA has been whitelisted to the extent possibly given the IT security policies, but it appears that there`s at least one .dll that`s preventing OpenLCA from actually running on our machines after installation: swt-win32-4427.dll

Has anyone had success getting OpenLCA to run under similar environments?

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Hi Matt,
interesting question. The file you mention is a common Standard Widget Toolkit library from Eclipse, and while dlls are always potentially suspicious (from any program), it should really be safe. You can check the md5 value e.g. - see here http://www.backgroundtask.eu/Systeemtaken/taakinfo/1073821/swt-win32-4427.dll/.
I am curious of answers from others though, how to run openLCA as "windows whitelisted".
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I don`t think it`s being picked up as a dangerous file or anything, I think that because the file hasn`t been manually cleared by Applocker, OpenLCA can`t see it and errors out.