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I used openLCA 1.3.4 in the past, and want to connect those old MySQL database in order to convert into .zolca. Somehow the connection failed issuing error: “The folder C:Program Files (x86)openLCA is not a MySQL application directory” . And, “Failed to get database descriptors’ when embedded server. One of the openLCA forum posting response by (https://forum.openlca.org/viewtopic.php?t=20317) points to several reasons including the admin rights, Microsoft security; however, none of these applies to my case.

The goal is to converting those old MySQL database (openLCA 1.3.4) compatible to newer version 1.6. But the connection error is preventing me to use conversion plugins.

Any thoughts on resolving this issue would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Santosh R. Ghimire, Ph.D.
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