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I am very new to openLCA and am trying to download the Ecoinvent database from openLCA nexus. However, i have been having problems access the nexus website. The error was "connection refused". I tried to troubleshoot the problem but I can't fix it. It doesn't seem to be a problem of my side as I could access other webpages.
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The access is not blocked but sometimes not available because the site is down - when we work on the server for installing a new Nexus site version e.g., this happens since we do not yet have a mirror server; and since it usually does not take too long we do not show a maintenance mode page. I hope this does not cause too many inconveniences! And you are right, we see a really growing importance and usage of Nexus and thus may extend the infrastructure in near future.

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This is happeniong again today: the Nexus site seems down. Is it for the same reason as the previous time? When will the site be accessible again ?