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Hello, I am trying to import JSON file into a new database, but I received this error "file:///D:/openLCA_win64_1.7.4_2018-11-05/openLCA/log.html"

I exported from an old model (openLCA 1.7.4 and ecoinvent 3.3) and now I want to import it into a new database. Why is not possible to import?

Many thanks

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Hi Alicia,

of course we cannot read your harddisc ("D:...") but the JSON-LD format may change a bit from one version to the other. These format changes are not addressed in the JSON-LD import. So the import in your case is not possible since you import into 1.10 and export from 1.7. You should update the database where the data is now to version 1.10, then you can export JSON-LD and import this into a new database.

Hth, Andreas
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Many thanks for the quick answer. My original model is done in the version 1.7.4, and I was trying to export some processes as a JSON-LD file and then import in another database in the same version 1.7.4. The databases are updated. When I export also I have some errors. From the log file you can read:
<td title="ModalContext thread">ModalContext</td>
<td title="Level"><font color="#993300"><strong>ERROR</strong></font></td>
<td title="org.openlca.jsonld.ZipStore category">org.openlca.jsonld.ZipStore</td>
<td title="Message">failed to put flows/28be1d65-6b09-4ebd-8599-4366c3c2abab.json</td>
<tr><td bgcolor="#993300" style="color:White; font-size : xx-small;" colspan="6">java.nio.file.ReadOnlyFileSystemException
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;    at com.sun.nio.zipfs.ZipFileSystem.checkWritable(ZipFileSystem.java:155)
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;    at com.sun.nio.zipfs.ZipFileSystem.createDirectory(ZipFileSystem.java:416)
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My proposal was to open the database in 1.10 which will update it, and then export what you need in JSON-LD and import this into another database. That is not possible for you?
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I installed the new version of openLCA, but my existing database (where are the processes I am interested) do not appear in the navigation panel, I copy the entire file and move in the new database folder of the new openLCA version, but still, it does not appear in the navigation panel. If I use the option import the entire database from an existing database, also the database which I am interested does not appear in the options.
There is a possibility to use the console to read the database in the navigation panel?