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I would like to create a remote database. According to the documentation, the following parameters are required:

  1. Host: IP address of the remote computer. It's OK
  2. Port: Where to find this number?
  3. User: Windows user or specific openLCA user?
  4. Password: ?

Thank you for your help



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The label for `Remote database` should be `MySQL database` in openLCA. You need to setup a MySQL server and create a database first (using the database schema from here: https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-modules/blob/master/olca-core/src/main/resources/org/openlca/core/database/internal/current_schema_mysql.sql). In openLCA the host, port, user and password are then the data of the MySQL connection. But note that the remote database/MySQL feature is currently more an advanced feature for users who know how to fix things when they run into issues... GreenDelta also provides developer support for this. Another option for sharing data would be the collaboration server (http://www.openlca.org/collaboration-server/).