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How can I know the impacts associated to a Product Type Flow, (for example "Diesel {CH} | market for | Cut-off, S - Copied from Ecoinvent"), which can be included as input in a process?
Apparently, all these processes (Product Type Flow) do not have associated impacts, since there is no tab where you can see "impact factors". I need to know if these Product Type Flows have associated impacts and how to see them, because they are apparently "empty boxes".
So far I have not found information on this, I hope you can help me.
Thank you!
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I am not sure I understand, the product directly does not have an impact, only the process that is delivering the product, and for the process, you can see the impacts directly in the impact analysis.

- from the name, maybe the product / process is copied from SimaPro?
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Indeed, diesel as input product "itself" does not have impacts, only if you link it to a process that produces it (the refinery, with emissions, e.g.). Or also of course if you use the diesel as fuel and then have emissions to air etc. from the incineration of the diesel, which you also add to the process.