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I am modelling the weaving of yarn into fabric as a process. If I input 100 m of yarn, there is always 10 m of leftover yarn; 1 m of that leftover yarn is discarded, and 9 m of leftover yarn is reused in the same process.In addition, there is 5 m of the woven fabric that is rejected for quality control purposes before the fabric goes onto the finishing stage.

  • Would I treat the 9 m of reused yarn as avoided product?
  • Would I treat the 1 m of discarded yarn and 5 m of rejected fabric as outputs (assuming they are going to municipal waste)?
  • How would I adjust my input of 100 m of yarn to account for the waste yarn, re-used yarn, and rejected fabric?

Also, would my reference flow be any of the options below?

  • 100 m yarn- 1 m discarded yarn - 9 m reused yarn - 5 m rejected fabric = 85 m yarn
  • 100 m yarn - 1 m discarded yarn - 5 m rejected fabric = 94 m yarn
  • 100 m yarn- 1 m discarded yarn - 9 m reused yarn = 90 m fabric, but in the next finishing phase I input only 85 m of fabric (to account for the rejected fabric)?

Thank you!

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