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Hello together,
I have only recently joined the openLCA community and I have a question about waste modelling. Specifically, I am modelling a printing process that generates paper waste. Now I want to recycle or dispose of the paper waste in different ways. So x% will be recycled, x% will be incinerated and x% will go into the trash. I have already read some posts about waste management in openLCA in combination with ecoinvent, but I am still a bit unsure.

Many thanks in advance and best regards
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Hello @Nokra13,

I am also a LCA learner.
From what I read in the manual provided by openLCA 'ecoinvent_3_7_in_openLCA', it said that starting from ecoinvent 3.6., ecoinvent had introduced the possibility to use material flow logic approach for end-of-life modelling. (ODA is still applicable, but just they provide a more intuitive option - the MRL approach)
I would like to know did you know this?

And did you manage to figure out your doubts?
So far, I didn't see a clear-enough guidance on how to do the proper waste management based on this new possibility.
I would like to also follow up on this question as I am working on similar waste management in my model.
Thanks a lot!


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