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Hi everyone,

I recently switched from v 1.10.2 to 1.10.3 and I have an error showing up in the log file each time I launch the 10.3 app. It also prevents me from importing J-SON files of previously developed product systems.

With 10.3, the log file reads "Failed to load Julia libs from C:\Users\Laurent Bocahut\OneDrive\LB C&M\COtoo\Carbon Footprint\openLCA\v_1.10.3\openLCA".

I don't get this message when I launch the 10.2 version and it runs J-SON imports fine.

I have the exact same library files (or at least it seems so) in both 10.3 and 10.2 folders.

I also tryied to recharge the julia libs from Github in the 10.3 folder but it didn't help.

Has anyone encounter the same issue after switching to 10.3 or can anyone suggest a course of action to fix it ?

With many thanks ahead.

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Hi Laurent,

This error occurs if, as it says, the libraries cannot be loaded, i.e. are not accessible locally, or are not downloaded yet. If they are not yet downloaded, you see a "you can make openLCA faster" message in the start screen. Maybe, in your case, the onedrive folder is not accessible, this could be a second option.

Hth, Andreas
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Good! It is not "downloaded once again" probably, these libraries are not part of the openLCA package since their open source license is not compatible to ours, but we can of course provide a link so that everyone can download them on his or her own.