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Hi to everyone,

I have installed openLCA together with a database provided from my University. We have to carry out a LCA as a school project.

during researching the processes I noticed that for specific processes I repeatedly get the same error "Failed to load Julia libs from C:\Users\danie\AppData\Local\openLCA".

Before typing this, I found a similar Question and tried to follow the instructions told there but it's not helping. Can anyone give me advice?

Processes would be:

heat, from municipal waste incineration to generic market for heat district or industrial, other than natural gas | heat, district or industrial, other than natural gas | Cutoff, U (AT)

treatment of municipal solid waste, incineration | electricity, for reuse in municipal waste incineration only | Cutoff, U (AT)

treatment of biowaste by anaerobic digestion | biogas | Cutoff, U (CH)

Thanks very much in advance,

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Hi Daniela,

this message is not linked to the process but shows that you do not have the Julia fast numerical libraries installed. If they are in place, the calculation is about 10 times faster. You see also an orange bar in the welcome screen (saying "you can make openLCA faster") - click on the link, this downloads and installs the Julia libraries (which we are not allowed to share directly because of their more aggressive open source license). You need to have write access to the folder where openLCA.exe is located.

Hope this helps, Andreas

edit: the calculation does not fail I think, it is only slow, right