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I have currently installed the openLCA in my computer and tried for a simple process to validate the function of the software. A problem occurred when I calculated for the life cycle environmental impacts from a self-designed process, which is not included in the Ecoinvent Database. The input and output flow within the process is displayed as follows:

I have calculated the environmental impacts posed by this process with blank output results. Since the error may not be caused by the mass imbalance, I checked for the log file and have found the problems as shown below. (The first snapshot shows the calculation basis.)

Then I checked for the log file and found the following information:

Three kinds of problems need to be tackled, corresponding to Julia loading, calculation wizard loading, and process reference existence checking. As you have replied in the openLCA, the first problem can be solved by redownloading the library through the "you can make openLCA faster" link. However, these problems still existed even if I clicked on this link and restarted the program. The install location and workspace are located in C and D disk, respectively. So I was wondering if I need to reinstall the openLCA. Or is there other procedure that I should follow to tackle these problems? Thanks a lot!

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Hi, the first thing to tackle is that there is an issue with the quantitative reference. Validate the database, this should provide more information about the quantitative reference.

The Julia libraries make the calculation much faster but if they are not present the calculation still works. If download does not work, or they can't be loaded even after you downloaded them, then you do not have write access to the folder where openLCA is installed (and where the libraries will be added). In that case, download the zip archive version of openLCA and extract it in your user directory, and download the Julia libraries then.

Good luck!