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I am a Phd student in a non-OECD country. My school already has an Ecoinvent educational license through the Ecoinvent website and I wanted to ask about getting an Ecoinvent license through OpenLCA. My questions are:

Is it an issue to ask for another Ecoinvent license through OpenLCA, when my university already has one through the Ecoinvent website?

If I were to apply for an Ecoinvent license through OpenLCA, would I be able to use it on my personal computer or could it only be used on one University computer?

Many thanks!
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Hi, easiest is if you order then again a license from Nexus, and then ecoinvent will check that the university has a license, and share this with us, and then we can give access. The license is technically the same, but for users it does not matter. As you write, every member of the faculty, including the active students, can use ecoinvent then on their personal computers, it is not restricted to university computers.

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