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I'm modeling production of wood furniture. There are offcuts and sawdust from the production process as outputs; however, these will be re-used (by someone else) for heating (incineration) or for manufacturing (medium density fiberboard, for example). I want to credit my system with the environmental "savings" from these waste products being used instead of new trees being cut down for heat/manufacturing. So now I have these outputs: wood waste; wood, sawdust; and Add Cut Timber Scrap 100% PCR - AU (from Evah's Oz database).

1) Do I just mark those outputs as avoided products?

2) What if I'm going to be re-using those waste products myself? How does your answer to #1 change?

3) Per the answer to https://ask.openlca.org/596/when-should-i-check-this-option-avoided-product, why do I need to create a process for that avoided flow when I'm not the one (re-)using the materials?

Thank you.
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