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The usage advice for the World Steel database says that it comes with its own impact assessment method

What is the name of this method and will it show up in the drop down menu in the Impact analysis tab of specific materials in the database?

Many thanks in advance

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have toggled through the options on the Impact analysis tab of individual materials in the World Steel database and the only method that will give me what looks like a full set of impact data is the Environmental Footprints (Mid-point indicator) method

Am I safe to go ahead with this method to extract reliable data? I note that the download link for World Steel on the OpenLCA Nexus site is called 'worldsteel 2020 (EF 3.0)' so I suppose that the 'EF' could feasibly stand for Environmental Footprints...

I am grateful for any help and thanks for an amazing piece of software

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