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I accidentally imported Ecoinvent  v3.8 into the existing Ecoinvent database v3.7, with both databases belonging to the same systems model (cut-off). Now, nearly all unit processes have a duplicate file of the same name. Since both versions are similar in most cases, it won't make much difference to the results.

I only wanted to ask whether there is any way of unmixing the two databases?

Suggestion for future: can openLCA also include the database version in the process name as they include systems model? In doing so, the users, who unintentionally, merge several databases could easily distinguish the desired processes simply by looking at the same.
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Hi, I assume you have already modeled something yourself in this database which has now the mixture of 3.7 and 3.8 (since you otherwise could just take the databases "fresh" again from Nexus) - if so, you can export e.g. your product systems as JSON and then import into a new database, you will then have everything linked to the product system (including processes, flows, ..) but not LCIA methods, which you can export in addition.

For your suggestion, thank you - for openLCA 2, we are working on libraries that make this handling of different data sources much better.

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Dear Andreas,

Thank you so much for the comment. It is a good feature of the software to be aware of. I will definitely try this to see if it solves my problem.

I also realized that this ability also addresses another concern that I had: how to migrate current work (and modeled product system) to a new database. If exporting a product system perfectly 'takes' the entire associated system (processes, parameters, flows) to a new database without any issue, it is fantastic.

Looking forward to working on OpenLCA 2.0