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I am using the Agribalyse database, and am currently looking at existing Processes in the database. I noticed that for many products (for example "Almond drink, Processed in FR | Chilled| Cardboard|Chilled at consumer| at consumer") "Transport, freight ... " is one of the inputs (which makes much sense) but the unit is in kg*km. I am now wondering how I know how many km is used when I create a product system and then calculate the impacts.
Should I specify somewhere the amounts of km driven? Or is it already specified somewhere, as these things are rather specific cases. But then, what if I want the change the amount of km to see the impact?
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Hi, this is a very common and simplified unit in LCA, 10tkm means you are transporting e.g. 1 tonne 10 km, or you transport 10 tonnes 1 km. To know the km, you can divide by the mass of the product transported. Hth, Andreas