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I am using Ecoinvent 3.7 and calculating results using OpenLCIA methods 2.1.3 IPCC 2021

The name of the process is:

fibre production, flax, retting | fibre, flax | Cutoff, U

Now, I can see that there this process uses flax production | flax plant, harvested | Cutoff, U as its input process, which in turn uses the flow Carbon dioxide, in Air as one of its input. 

When I check the LCIA results I cannot find the flow Carbon dioxide, in Air included in the calculation. I have tried the same calculation with all LCIA methods available to me: EF2.0, EF3.0, ReCiPe midpoint, TRACI, EDIP2003, but the problem persists.

Am I correct in thinking that these methods do not address biogenic carbon sequestration?

If not, is there a right way to include carbon sequestration during calculation using any of the available LCIA methods?

I went through multiple papers which suggest how to account for carbon sequestration, but I did not find a way to implement it in OpenLCA.

Thank you very much in advance for answering the question.


Vineet Shah

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