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I'm new to OpenLCA and I'm having issues with my Monte Carlo simulation for a plastic waste scenario. I have Mac and read that parameters need to be globally defined - so this I have already done. I have also defined the uncertainties related to the 4 different parameter flows I want to track in my simulation. 

When I run the simulation, I keep getting error messages and I have already pressed the "validate" button to make sure that are no problems in my database (yet it still claims there are when running the Monte Carlo) 

When I export the results as an excel file, it seems as if the first run is working but for the rest 99 runs, it simply shows the same value as inserted in the parameter as are not varying this within the defined uncertainty... 

I hope someone can help me :-) 


Here are some pictures of my system and what I describe (taking the electricity conversion factor as example): 

Defining the parameter and uncertainty:

Creating parameter flow: 

Inserting the parameter flow in LCI model and choosing the parameter as input: 

example of Monte Carlo for climate change after 100 runs 

And then in the excel file where the numbers related to the parameter flows are all the same for the runs apart from the first one... 

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